Officers and Directors

The following elected individuals volunteer time to make the Campbellsport Sportsmans Club a great shooting and social experience for all our members and guests:


Paula Steinbach, President

Charlie Walls, Vice President

Debbie Martin , Secretary & Treasurer


Mike Bergmann                              Tom Bauer

Dan Sabish Sr                                  Bob Poznanski

Chuck Schreier                               Bret Warner Sr

Jeff Rafter                                         Mike Bothwell

Brian Beck                                        Dan Sabish Jr                      

Elections are held every year at the club annual meeting.  The CSC annual meeting is normally scheduled for the first Sunday  in April .  The meeting will occur at the clubhouse.  Officers and directors hold office for a term of three years.

Thank you to all our members and volunteers for your support and efforts.  Our gratitude also extends to all the outstanding team sponsors who make our leagues successful and enjoyable.